Design build is a cost effective and a one-stop-shop approach to construction, where time is saved by avoiding the design-bid-build process. Cheval builders offers a complete Design Build services to its clients.

Why choose Design-Build:

  • Single point of contact from start to end of the project
  • Clients building plans are executed with maximum efficiency
  • Cost overruns are minimized
  • Project delivery time is considerably faster

There are numerous advantages of Design Build construction that include efficiency, cost and time saving for the client. Design Build differs from the traditional design-bid-build construction as this process does not separate the design and construction. In a traditional process, the owner would have to contact the architect separately, prepare the designs and then hire a contractor to work on those designs. In Design Build construction, it is contractors responsibility to work with the architect in preparing the designs. This process is also preferred by owners as they only have a single point of contact; the contractor.

Cheval builders ensures success of design build projects by selecting the right architect for the project. The architect or engineer is contracted by Cheval Builders and becomes part of the team.

To discuss your requirements for Design Build:


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