We take great care about the details, your vision and you goals: At cheval builders, we can guide you through your need for design and construction of restaurant and a kitchen that works for you and your restaurant. Moreover, we also consider and follow all health department code requirements.

We can assist in all aspects involved in installation of commercial restaurant:

  • Project Management
  • Electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Equipment installation

We are always prepared in helping you build a restaurant or renovation for any aspect of your restaurant that needs a facelift. We have been helping with designing your restaurant, detailed planning and construction.

Considering constructing a commercial kitchen? Let us help you with every factor! We will work in parallel with you from concept till completion. We understand that there are a lot of details involved with construction a commercial kitchen from plumbing to electrical to HVAC to suspended ceiling to drywall, and more. No matter what are you concerns, you can trust us with full confidence to assist you and make this process as simple and understandable as possible. We are strongly committed in dealing with you in an honest manner are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

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