The top 4 causes of construction safety accidents

Any construction site can’t be too careful when it comes to accidents. Accidents could be of any sorts, some time many small accidents also have big impact on the project timeline. The best you can do is to make sure all safety precautions have been taken.

To minimize accident on your site, understanding the main reasons is important so that severe injuries can avoided. It would be impossible to eradicate accidents without knowing them first. Simply nothing can be left to chance.

Construction safety accidents can be divided in to 4 main categories, which are list below.

Electrical Incidents

We normally in our daily lives, almost forget that electricity how dangerous it can be. Daily safe interaction give us feel of comfort but it’s not the case on construction site. Some times to speed up the process and cover lost time, getting close completion date creates anxiety and pressure. Which are the basic reasons why accidents happen on construction site. Here are few possibilities that could affect your workers on the next bright sunny day.

  • Overhead power lines
  • Equipment not used
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Extension cords not properly used
  • Diggings
  • Ignition of flammable atmospheres


Walking on the road is nothing like walking outside high-rise building on two to three feet of path. Such walk is out of question for many people. Without any safety measures working like that no one can be too lucky to get away daily. That’s how people fall from construction sites and falling is one of the cause of death on construction site. Here are few hazards to avoid.

  • Unprotected sides
  • Portable ladder not used correctly
  • Scaffold not in proper condition


Accidents on construction site is not limited to be electrocuted or falling. Working with heavy equipment has made its name to become part of the category. These heavy equipment usually include cranes and trucks cause’s people to lose their body parts or death. Constant awareness of surroundings help nothing like anything like object could fall from anywhere or unstable wall can cause much damage that a person will have to rest at least a month.  

Trenching and Evacuation

People usually see cave-ins as the main cause of fatal accident. But there are other factors to consider before trenching. Following are few examples.

  • Toxic gases
  • Low oxygen
  • Underground pipes and lines
  • Drowning

Taking safety measures can only reduce accidents on construction site. If you can think of something please make a comment.


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