How To Optimizing Resource Scheduling 2

How To Optimizing Resource Scheduling

Resource driven scheduling works with resources. It manages resource in way that resources are available up to the completion of project. Resource driven scheduling is widely used around the globe, with much capabilities construction industry still suffer from key limitations such as

  • Inefficient resource utilization and fluctuation in construction projects.
  • Reduced optimization of schedule acceleration strategies like duration, cost and productivity.
  • Incorrect measurement of uncertainties in project schedules in effective way for large scale projects.

Resource Scheduling

Managing resources to achieve maximum efficiency of time and cost in order to schedule and allocate available resources. Widely utilized network scheduling techniques create unintended high resource demand and undesirable resource fluctuations in construction projects.    

  • Hiring and releasing workers can be a headache, inefficient and wastage of time.
  • Paperwork cost and unemployment compensation because of frequent hiring and releasing of workers.
  • Workers need time to settle according to new conditions, which can affect performance and time consuming.
  • Fired workers may not available on next recall as they can find new job.
  • Interruption occurs and performance decrease as workers are hired and released.
  • Resource fluctuation affects overall productivity and cost in construction.


Resource utilization in multiple shifts


Multiple shift in construction project is not new usually occurs when project is delayed due to some reason like permit issues, accidents, lack of resources and reconstruction. Making 2 or 3 shifts of 8 hours can really has some advantages such as

  • Increases production rate up to double or triple.
  • Saving cost as night shifts cost less than overtime.
  • Decrease congestion of a lot of workers coincide in terms of dependent of parallel working schedule.

Having these advantages, there are still some limits as they have negative impact on productivity, safety, and cost. Additional cost occurs on account of night time lighting, safety and quality control. Workers also face problem such higher accidents, health disorders, and social life interference.


Cost effective and efficient resource utilization

Network scheduling techniques sometimes produce unreasonable and expensive schedules, which creates fluctuation in resources and causes additional construction cost as idle cost (resources on hold for further use), release and rehire cost, and mobilization cost (paperwork and training of newly hired worker).

In order to minimize cost of resource fluctuation, shifting early start of selected construction activities can help reduce the cost. Shifting project schedule in a way so that resources cannot be released or rehired, which eliminates resource idle cost, release and rehired cost.


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