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Latest trends in construction industry

As the economy improves, so is the construction industry. The industry is not just looking for the new structures and design but also for the strategies which will help in making the processes efficient and effective.

Construction business is ever changing as new methods of construction and new building materials are introduced. In this article we take a look at some of the latest trends seen in the market:

  • Single-Model Design
  • Materials
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Permanent Modular Construction
  • Multifamily Market Softens

Single-Model Design

Single model designTraditionally what used to happen was a step by step process in which engineering documents were created then were given to the contractor to re-draw with modification. It was a time consuming process which involved a lot of back and forth communication between the engineers and contractors. To save time and money, a new trend has been introduced to make this process faster. This new trend is called the single-model design in which, through proper coordination, a design model goes from engineering right into construction. Due to this streamlined process, a project that used to take forty months to complete can be completed within thirty or even twenty-five months.


Recycled Building Materials

Materials play a huge role in the quality of the building but it’s not just the materials that recycled building materialsare important. It’s the way they are used that makes the difference. China has produced 10 3D-printed buildings in 24 hours from recycled waste and cement. The walls are 3D- printed but the roof is not. The company said that the roof will not be able to be printed until the technology becomes more advanced. The upcoming trend is using recycled waste to ensure efficient energy consumption.





Green Buildings

Energy efficient green buildingsFurthermore, another aspect that should to be kept in mind while construction is energy consumption. Environmentally sustainable features are viewed as fundamental stakes for owners and buyers. Construction Company’s emphasis on using green building materials to build a more environment friendly building is considered as a huge core competency in the market.






Permanent Modular Construction

Modular constructionAnother upcoming trend is the permanent modular construction which can easily last more than 50 years. This is a way of changing people mind as how they view buildings. It provides an innovative solution to logistic trials confronted during on-site construction. Permanent Modular Construction identifies elements of construction which can be classified as a various modules of different sizes. The main idea of this is to change people opinion. People view it as boxes whereas it’s not. It can be anything you image it to be. The possibilities when it comes to permanent modular construction are endless.



Bigger the better

In the past we have seen small scale projects ruling the construction industry. Since the economy took a hit so did the extensive buildings and their market. It was a time of small and simple designed construction sites but as the economy is rising with a bang so is the huge buildings trend. The market is seeing a huge change in the demand of buildings where once small buildings were the wiser choice and now large construction projects are making a comeback and sidelining the small projects. A lot of large projects are pipelined for 2014.

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