Importance of design and detailed drawing

Importance of design and detailed drawing

When starting a project it’s evident that everyone does a little research and planning, seems like a good idea at first. When it gets confusing that becomes more costly and waste of money. When everything is not preplanned then workers will have to ask every turn by turn direction, which will take longer than expected.

In ancient days people built their homes and workplace themselves. Only those people build better who has experience from previous mistakes. This gives us ideology that everyone should contribute in design process which ultimately leads to grand scheme of planning.

When professionals are involved like architect and interior designers many projects becomes easy in terms of usage and organization that’s how it boils down. Having professional architects and designers on board pre-construction design and planning is a process which can minimize unseen mishaps, cost and delays. Experienced team can perform trustworthy in any situation.

Design process can be divided in 3 categories: –

1- Schematic: preliminary diagrams of what is to be developed.

2- Design: detailed diagrams of each floor, having door and windows and elevation.

3- Construction layouts: design of most accurate drawing of walls, columns, material to be used and so on. Basically blueprints.

This is the part of project when most important decisions are made. What and how to development, cost estimation and adjustments of need and want. A little more time and money will save time and money in terms of potential mistakes, delays and incorrect schedules which leads conflicts.

Sometimes proceeding in hurry causes nothing, but delays like unexpected discovery, approval or permissions, delayed supplies, lack of resources, and so on. This eventually results in extensive change and compromises with dream project not to mention increased cost.

Budget is important factor that could affect the design process. When making estimate for the budget, obtain material price and calculate possible change as expected according to project timeline. Design modification guarantees that there will be no surprises in the project construction. Anything missed in design process will be much difficult to alter later on as construction process is a step by step.


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