Avoiding delays on construction projects 2

Avoiding delays on construction projects

There is no place for errors or miscalculation in construction projects. Slight delays can result in increased production cost. In large projects the probability of occurrence of these circumstances is great. Unique skills and co-ordination are required for smooth running of operation along the way. But delays can appear from anywhere like design, planning, uncertain site conditions, deliveries and so on, as consequence delays are irrefutable, which results in late project completions.

Delays can due to following reasons:

  • Distinctive project
  • Decision without calculating risk
  • Unrealistic schedules
  • Miscommunication
  • Productivity issues
  • Lack of resources
  • Dependencies
  • Financial issues
  • Site problems
  • Act of nature

Delays can be reduced by

  • Risk management
  • Thorough site investigation
  • Co-ordination
  • Calculated scheduling
  • Commitment to the project


Types of delays

  • Delays caused by neutral reasons
  • Delays caused by client
  • Delays caused by contractor

Some of delays the completion deadline, other have not much effects.

Delays casued by neutral reasons

These types of events are not irrelevant but they are not fault of either contractor or client. Usually they are

  • Act of nature like earthquake, intense rain, storms and so on
  • Terrorism
  • Undertaker’s work
  • war or an epidemic
  • Strikes
  • Change in project
  • Delays by waiting for permit

delays caused by contractor

When impacts on completion date because of contractor then contractor is to pay liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD’s) to the client for delays.

Concurrent delay

Concurrent delay refers to a situation where multiple events influence the completion date at the same time. But in most of them contractor is not responsible for additional cost and delayed completion date. Calculating impact of these multiple events would be difficult and varies in every case. This is important that contractor and client closely monitor all the events so that completion date is not affected.

mitigation acceleration 

In case of compensation event, acceleration agreement is a possibility to purge claims, loss of time and additional expenses. Following measures are helpful

  • Additional worker be deployed
  • Revision of strategy
  • Phased completion
  • Increase in working hours (holidays and night shift)
  • Close observation
  • Alternation to the project (if possible)


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